Alexander Mishin

Sasha started as a Director of photography in Minsk, where he’d accepted an invitation to shoot a tv series being only a second year student. Unexperienced and self-confident, Sasha found himself in a huge professional project, including shootings in Berlin.

After graduation, he worked as a camera mechanic for several years and soaked every piece of knowledge about it. Pretty soon he gained some international experience as DP: he worked in China for three years, filmed in Japan, collaborated with a Czech director and managed to made a commercial project in Barcelona.

Sasha is based in Minsk now and works in Moscow quite often. His recent clients are Yandex Go and Sber. Prior to that, Sasha collaborated with Wargaming, CIAN, MTS, Avito and Samsung.

Mishin has a rare talent and experience in table top shooting. If you have a brief for a warming or cool drink, it’s your guy. He’s also into VR based project and juicy visuals. Last but not least is his love to hand camera, bold framing and camera movement choreography.