Anastasia Antonova

After graduating VGIK Anastasia worked as a film & TV set designer and DOP. Only until THAT professional coming out moment which happens in every director’s career. Unlike most young directors, for the past two years Nastya managed to try herself in many different genres and formats from short documentaries to ironic manifesto & lifestyle vignettes. Unlike many, she knows how to choose brilliant cast even for digital project and how to make it all work. Among her clients now are such companies as S7, Mail Group, Greenpeace, L’Oreal, Kiehl’s, History Channel, etc. Storytelling is her passion, therefore Nastya is always open for creating a project idea from a scratch.

Nastya: «I like to shoot about serious things and bring every day subjects to a more global level. But too serious tone of voice seems wrong to me, that’s why I always strive to combine serious and funny.»