Arkadiy Chistyakov

Petrozavodsk underground graffiti artists were the first ones who inspired Arkadiy to follow visual direction shooting local street arts among abandoned building of West Russia. Sport reports had followed after that and finally Arkadiy found himself in Moscow shooting commercial projects one by other.

He started among Asian market shooting for Chinese brands including HAYLOU W1 headphone with unusual angles and bright coloring. Perhaps it was his sports background that made this genre the main one for his reel at the moment. The latest campaign for Adidas in collaboration with sport club «Lokomotiv» surely proves the point. Before that, Arkadiy worked for such brands as Cheetos, Yappi and others.

It’s extremely important for him to be fully involved in a storyboard making process searching for creative and practical solutions along with the team as in «Exceed» commercial: drones’ choreography with a system of lasers attached to them flying at a high tempo plus experimental color gradient at work.