Azar Strato

Azar started to film when realized that there was no suitable director in Krasnoyarsk who could shoot a music video for his personal rap project. Suddenly his filming skills resonated much stronger than rapping ones. Azar defines his style as «musical documentary» but we all know that it’s more than that. Bold, vivid, cutting edge and fresh. After just a year in industry he managed to work with such clients as PepsiCo and Reebok as well as shoot numerous projects for local brands. One of his works was shortlisted for the Berlin Music Award 2020, and a new music video for SBP4 divided the bands’ films into «before" and "after" this guy's influence .

Azar: "Most of all I like to capture extreme and conflict situations, it’s the core of my style. For me, it is, first of all, a reflection of reality. Projection of real life onto the screen."