Dasha Gushchina

Dasha Gushina is a young director and script writer with a strong background in choreography: she has been dancing since she was 9 years old and began teaching and giving dance workshops nationwide at 22. From the very beginning, she managed to form her own recognizable style, where dance and movement are not decorative elements, but full-fledged contributors in the narrative and visuals. The movement directing for Manizha, Tesla Boy and Sirotkin videos immediately gained the upper hand at many international festivals and venues such as Directors notes, Berlin Commercial, Berlin Music video Awards, Europe Music video Awards, Kino London Short Film Festival, etc.

Her advertising experience got off to a running start with Fashion projects for NoOne, Zolla and S7 branded content where she created a special notation with the help of dance, bold camera moves and сrafty art direction. Gushina's strong points are the ability to find a fresh perspective in conventional storytelling, a clear understanding of the modern visual code, and a talent for transforming the energy of each frame into pure emotion for the viewer.