Dmitriy Vollmer

While Dima was still at school a Russian road movie "Boomer" directed by Peter Buslov hit the screens. Buslov graduated from the same school as Dima and all the teachers of that school were full of pride. So it was natural for Dima to think about trying a hand at the movie world. It all started with a clip for a Khabarovsk rock group where Dima was a drummer. The group took small-time gigs, played at community centers and decided to do their first music video. Dima took the matter in his own hands and soon after realized that this particular line of work is his calling. He was not performing with the band but devoted himself entirely to the production of music videos for the artists Allj, L-One, Bi-2 Guf, VADA, #2Mashi.

His first big piece produced for the major brand - Converse - was filmed in China under the directorship of Adrian Pereira. Another piece was done in New York City with “Fashion To Max” for the Alexander Wang x Adidas original fashion show, then there were projects in Europe with Vogue in particular. Nowadays Dima devoted himself to commercials and clips. His music video for the ‘Davai Zamutim’ song by Angel was in the short list of the Berlin Music Video Festival. His film ‘Tell Me About Tomorrow’ has won Best Cinematography prize at the Voghera Italian film festival.