Evgeny Mlyukov

Evgeny was making his way as a photographer at WhiteStudios, where he eventually started and managed a fashion photography course.

Shortly after that he’d became a student of the Moscow Film School first enrollment and shot his first advertising as a DP. Then he found himself shooting one music video after another, collecting 70 million of views working with such artists as Philip Kirkorov, Morgenstern and Eldzhey. In the same period of time, a gorgeous cinematic music video of his was released for BI2 band and a teaser for «Evening Urgant» TV program before that.

Today, he shoots more and more commercials with complex set-ups and staged stunts, including fashion and car commercials, for example, for Renault and Mercedes, Alfa Bank, GQ, Yandex and Samsung.

In 2021, Evgeny released his first movie "Old Cones" for Kinopoisk, one of the main movie platforms in Russia. The next adventure of his new comedy "The Case of the Lost Village» was released in 2022.