Anya Koshka Neon

Koshka Neon — creative duo of director Anya Koshka Neon and producer Simon Gromov founded after the long & inspiring travel across Europe and Asia. Anna started her career in Saint-Petersburg after graduating local cinema school while Simon studied in Moscow and spent several years working in event industry. Together they created, produced and shot different kind of documentaries, commercials, music videos and fashion films. After just a year in Moscow they’ve managed to make a stir with their style & approach which led to successful collaborations with Vogue Russia, Blueprint and many modern heroes of Russian music scene.

Koshka Neon: “Our travel experience influenced us a lot. We lived in India, Berlin, Paris, Prague doing our projects and literally became masters of guerrilla style shooting. After moving to Moscow we easily found the connection with local industry because we always know how to make outstanding & stylish video using minimal resources and maximum creativity.”