Mila Shamraeva

Mila is a director of photography working globally and limitlessly.

She spent her childhood in Kazakhstan, in a small town surrounded by mountains, her youth - in St. Petersburg, where she studied cinematography and photography. Today she has a number of international projects shoot in Europe, including Xiaomi, MAVI, InStreet and many others. Also, Mila has recently completed working on the TV series’ pilot.

Her cinematography won many festival awards. The "In the Dark" film won "Best Cinematography" three times: at "Heart of Europe International Film Festival", "First Monthly Film Festival" and "Fox International Film Festival", and the music video "SomeSleep - Anyhow" was selected to "Directors Library", after it won "Best Music Video" at "Art Stream».

As for her personal approach to work, Mila has narrowed it down to three simple rules: work in a DP-director tandem, work differently, work with people who are able to have opinions of their own.