Valeriia Johnsen

Lera is a Muscovite with Swedish ancestral roots. Her Scandinavian heritage blessed her with a keen insight into the world full of mysticism and as a result she developed her very own artistic vision and a style based on fairy tales and myths. Though her professional career is still not too long she produced an ad for Sportmaster x Kappa in Barcelona, a clip for the Belorussian band “Molchat Doma”, fashion film for TATYANA PARFIONOVA fashion house as well as a project for the L'Oréal Paris.

She worked at various locations - from Medieval Gothic castles to the film sets adorned with Martian landscapes and learned that celluloid film equals to Death and Silver and the black color is the purest of them all. Lera is keenly interested in the world around as well as her inner universe to find some unique visual path to embrace history.