Xenia Selvian

Xenia graduated Russian State University of Cinematography named after S.Gerasimov majoring as a motion-picture photographer. Her first full-length film ‘Anima’ was awarded Grand-Prix at Asolo Art Film Festival in Italy and was included in the main lineup at the Cairo International Film Festival.  In the previous year, clients were Chanel, Alfa Bank, Profi.Ru. She filmed in Italy as a director-cameraman for Emma Salzberg brand as well as at the cozy live for the Russian artist SODA LUV and GQ magazine.

Before enrolling at Russian State University of Cinematography Xenia studied at an arts and music school and discovered the world of still photography but later changed her preference. She says that ‘video footage is definitely better and much more precise in capturing emotions and the whole atmosphere on stage’. She is very keen at understanding the visual and personal traits of the main characters and she is quite successful at stressing the uniqueness of the particular character as she has done in the ‘Dreams of Reality’ while working with fashion model Danila Polyakov.