Zhenya Redcapp

To create a neck breaking experience riding the roller coaster through creative ideas, outstanding edit and visuals in combine with musical rhythm Zhenya Redcapp directs the "wow effect" in his commercial videos for the viewer. His 12 years of experience as a creative art-director in advertisement agencies and backgrounds of music artist helped to him find his style and mostly focus on musical commercials. His works has been awarded by a few international festivals. Most of his videos can be characterised by the use long one-shots, uncommon angles and camera movements in rhythmic edit with match-cuts. Zhenya Redcapp’s goals are as he says “Someday, I will definitely to shoot innovative and mind-blowing commercials for new iPhone, even if i have to burn the red cap on my head in hell!” He is a very goal-oriented director, because he already completed the second part of his goal. Worked with such clients as Ozon, Vkusno — i tochka, Sber, Street Beat, SBP and many more.